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We know that you need to access all the important files with ease. So we’ve created a member zone to make your life easier. Create an account with us and access all available Datasheets, Installation Instructions, LDT’s and BIM Files. It takes two minutes to register, and once your account has been approved, you are all set and ready to go.

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Considering a product and want to know all the options? Every luminaire in our range is supported with a spec sheet summarising its performance, available sizes and accessories. See all mounting styles and colour options available as standard.

Installation Instructions

On site and need to access the installation documents for a specific product? Access all the important documents at the drop of a hat. Measure twice and cut once.

BIM Files

Ready to join the BIM revolution? Use accurate virtual objects to simulate and optimise lighting for your project. Each luminaire is equipped with a BIM file.


Make specification a breeze. All luminaires in our range are supported with LDT files allowing you to import data into DIALux. Access all the important parameters including light intensity, photo-metric curves and the size of the chosen luminaire.

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The 299 CPD Vault

As part of our 299 Memberzone, you will have early access to attend our new CPDs, before anyone has heard about them! Our collection of CPDs reflect our internal capability and the areas of the market we are particularly involved with. Below are our current selection of CPDs. Find out more here or sign up now.


Wireless Lighting

In the age of portable technology, we are able to control buildings within a few clicks on the screen. The growing expectations on sustainability, flexibility and connectivity put a great demand on commercial lighting. This seminar looks at the benefits of using wireless control systems in the workplace.


Workplace Lighting Design

With the new guidelines and more “appearance driven” schemes, workplace lighting is calling for new technologies, better use of daylight and responsible use of energy. This seminar explores how to design good lighting schemes to suit the common types of commercial developments in the UK.

Commercial lighting

Emergency Lighting Design

Staying up to date with the legislation and understanding the responsibilities and standard requirements when designing a commercial scheme can be a complex business. This seminar covers how to design compliant lighting schemes using emergency lighting that is fit for purpose and also looks great.

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